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Braces Vs. Invisalign

Posted on April 29, 2020


Considering Invisalign® treatment? Fortunately, OMG Braces offers both braces and Invisalign to patients in the Worcester, MA area! We’ll give you pros and cons of each treatment option so you can make the decision best suited for you!

Let’s first look into the history of orthodontia. Pierre Fauchard originally invented braces in 1798; the first iteration was flat metal connected to a patient’s teeth by string. Known as the Bandeau, a horseshoe-shaped device was placed behind the teeth to straighten teeth.

Traditional, metal braces that are common today were developed in the 1960’s. A decade later, invisible/clear aligners entered the market. However, it took nearly 30 years for Invisalign to take off, in the 2000s. Kelsey Wirth and Zia Chishti designed the modern Invisalign which allows users to gently shift and correct their smiles with a rotation of bimonthly aligners.

So, what option is right for you: braces or Invisalign? Honestly, that depends.

Metal braces are the best option if you want to avoid changing aligners every couple of weeks, or for severe alignment correction. Invisalign is a perfect option for people who don’t want to deal with a mouthful of braces or changes to their eating habits.

Below is a pros and cons list which can be helpful to make an informed decision between Invisalign and braces.


  • Straightens teeth
  • Works for all types of treatment types, especially severe bite issues
  • No need to swap out anything. You won’t worry about forgetting to put aligners back in after eating.


  • Straightens teeth
  • Great for minor and regular teeth alignment
  • Clear and hardly noticeable



  • Braces need to be tightened regularly, meaning more office visits
  • Clear braces are not entirely clear
  • Once they’re on, they’re on!


  • You have to remember to swap out trays every 2 weeks
  • Sometimes you may forget to put aligners back in after meals
  • Food and drink can stain aligners


Still can’t decide or know exactly what you’d like? Talk to an OMG Braces orthodontist today and schedule a consultation today at our convenient Worcester location! We’ll walk you through the best treatment type for your individual needs, plus payment plans to make it affordable for your budget.